New to your child attending Indiana Camp?
Let us welcome you to one of the great experiences of your child’s life!

Daily Activities

  • There is a morning service, so casual clothes can be worn to the day service
  • Play clothes for the afternoon recreation time
  • Semi-dress to dress clothes for evening service
  • Most camps have events to play in or have recreation time after the evening service, so encourage (demand) your child to change after church
  • Don’t pack new clothes for play because they can be ruined (grass stains, getting wet or muddy is common)


  • We serve three meals a day, starting with Monday night’s dinner at 4:30pm
  • There is a snack bar available after service. It will cost $5 – $10, depending on what your child chooses


  • You can pack a few snacks so your child does not have to buy snacks every day
  • There is an ice cream stand available during select times of the day and evening
  • We will also have Pizza available every night after church for a nominal fee

Dorms & What to Pack

There is a twin sized bunk bed that all students sleep in. You will need to pack the following items.

  • Bring a twin sheet, fitted, and a regular twin sheet
  • Bring a pillow
  • It can be cold at night, so a blanket is a necessity
  • An option can be a sleeping bag
  • Soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, and hair product (if needed)
  • Bring a couple of towels you can rotate so you don’t have to have one everyday
  • There will be a water and shaving cream fight at SS camps, so they will need some clothes they can get really dirty in
  • A dirty clothes trash bag or hamper is helpful
We highly recommend you put extra money for them in envelopes. For example, $5 in 5 different envelopes labeled Monday, Tuesday, etc. with the child’s name on it. Give to one of the dorm supervisors to pass out each day to the child. This helps from losing all their money at once.
IMPORTANT: No camper is allowed to have a cell phone while a camper, and no photographs allowed in the dorm.