Want to Volunteer at Camp? Fill out an application! Dorm supervisors and kitchen help all use the same application. Send your application to the respective department you want to volunteer for. 
There is a new online process for staff members to register and select the camp they want to register for. We perform a background check, then forward to the dean of the respective camp. The dean will contact all Dorm Supervisors for instructions and to inform of acceptance of the application. You will also need to complete the Pastor Signature Form.
Sunday School Camps
Email: adamf@cmmbuilt.com
*Please note: Due to the large number of mothers volunteering to be dorm supervisors and work in the kitchen while their child is at camp, we operate on a first come first serve basis.
Youth Camps
Email: cmbarber15@aol.com
Kitchen Staff
Email: scott_melisha@yahoo.com
To offer general help or volunteer professional services (painting, building, concrete, other) contact Terry Long at tlong10138@sbcglobal.net. For all other inquiries contact the District Secretaries office at (574) 293-9332 or secretary@inupci.org.