Want to Volunteer at Camp?
To start you need to fill out an application.
Dorm Supervisors/Kitchen Help all use the same application. You can find it here: Dorm Supervisor Application (Click Here) 
Send your application to the respective department you want to volunteer for. 
Sunday School Camps – Adam Faulkner – Email Him Here (Please note: Due to the large number of mothers volunteering to be dorm supervisors and work in the kitchen while their child is at camp, we operate on a first come, first serve basis.)
Youth Camps – Chris Barber – Email Him Here
Kitchen Staff – Melisha Troxel – Email Her here!
General Help or Volunteer Professional Services (Painting/Building/Concrete/other) – Terry Long Email Him here
Other Inquires
District Secretaries Office – 574-293-9332 or Email Him Here