Many of today’s children may become our future missionaries, evangelists, pastors, CM teachers, music directors and many other important components of tomorrow’s church. Some are just now beginning to discover their passion for God’s kingdom. The Indiana Children’s Ministry team has developed one more way to encourage your child to become Kingdom-minded and begin making an impact in our world! Now they can be personally involved in life-giving to Save Our Children fundraising by becoming a Trailblazer!
To be a Trailblazer, each participating child (ages 8-11) will raise $500 for our annual Save Our Children offering. This offering helps support multiple Children’s Ministries functions such as Holy Ghost Rallies, Bible Quizzing, Jr. Camps, and more. Each Trailblazer’s $500 amount will go towards that child’s local church SOC offering.
Trailblazer Benefits
– Free camp registration
– No recreation fee
– One free ice cream per day
– Free camp t-shirt
– Font of the line at meals at camp for you and one friend
– Honored during Friday night service at camp
Ask your church how you can become a trailblazer!