Camp Lot Expansion Project

We are opening a new section of lots to families who have always dreamed of owning a cabin or RV lot on the Indiana District campground. Demand for these lots has pushed us into this new expansion opportunity. This is the first expansion in 50 years of this type. Lots are standard sized lots, 40′ wide x 60′ deep.
The new area of lots is located in the corn field we purchased a few years ago. This field was purchased with the intention of expanding our camp facilities and preventing us from being locked into our current size.
Future plans for the corn field could possibly include new ball fields and a new auditorium.
We believe in living out Jesus’ message. Living out what you believe is just as relevant today as any day since Jesus’
resurrection. People are seeking authenticity and the benefits of love being lived out. The Indiana District Campground is a place for families to learn together to live out Jesus’ message in their lives.

Our Vision For Indiana Camp

We want the camp to minister to young people for the next 100 years. Your children and grandchildren will have a place to worship God as we work until He comes. We are trying to build a place that we can expand into the future and improve the camp experience for all. We want to improve our recreational, educational and worship facilities, thus enabling mind, body, and spirit to be lifted up. Connect To Your Future at the Indiana Conference And Training Center.

Lot Expansion Plans

We are opening a new section for cabin ownership. Check out an opportunity to build a cabin on the campground and connect your family to future growth, revival and godly relationships.
Our goal is to sell enough lots to pay for the costs of sewer, water, and electrical expansion as well as putting in a gravel road. We will hold all funds in escrow until enough lots are sold to pay for this expansion. If after three years, we have not sold enough lots, or if you decide to withdraw, 100% of money spent will be refunded.
We have 32 lots available. We believe if we can sell 15 lots, we will be able to fund the expansion of utilities and roads. All lots will have sewer, water, and electrical connections. In order to purchase, you must pay in full the cost of the lot. Buy into the future of the camp and your family purchasing a lot today. Your investment will pay dividends in your children forever.

Lot Layout

High-Quality Download: New Lot Layout
What’s Available? Click Here

Lot costs

  • $3,000 for lots that back up to woods
– Larger open area behind the cabins and quiet wooded view
– No expansion available immediately behind these lots
  • $2,500 for lots that back up to current lots

How to Purchase

  1. Contact or stop by the camp office to agree to purchase a particular lot. Lots are first come, first served.
  2. We need a letter from your current pastor that you are attending a UPCI church and are in good standing.
  3. Fill out a purchase agreement (Available in the camp office or request via email,
  4. Fill out and sign lease agreement  (Lots are leased from the Indiana District UPCI, which holds title to all properties on the campground. You will own and building placed onto the property and lease the land from the district.)

Contact Camp Secretary To Make a purchase