Ministerial Licensing Information

License Application Checklist – Please download if you are wanting to apply for license. Complete all questions before coming to meet the district board.
  • Have you watched the 10 Indiana District Training Video’s on {Level 1 first, then Level 2 when they upgrade their license}
  • Have you watched the Indiana District Financial understanding video on youtube,
  • Have you completed the training listed on for your license?
  • Do you have the Insurance form filled out, Hartford Beneficiary Designation Form?
  • You need a $25 Check for the application.
  • Do you have a check for Local – $93.50, General – $96.50, Ordained – $99.50,  depending on which license you are applying for? {Upgrades only need $25 application}
  • Have you downloaded or received the License Application Checklist – for making an application with the Indiana District UPCI?
  • Have you contacted your presbyter and talked with him about your ministry application?
  • Answered all questions on your application? {Review it to ensure every question has been answered. This is the most common reason applications are delayed, un-answered questions. You have to answer every question. If you don’t understand, contact your presbyter or your pastor and ask them. There are several that are not commonly understood, and you may need help. Answering incorrectly may cause the district office to have to contact you.}