Leadership Heritage
We are thankful for those who blazed a trail in front of us. The following is a list of District and Departmental leaders who have served since the founding of the Indiana District of the United Pentecostal Church, International in 1962. The Indiana District was formed in 1962 from the combined district of Indiana and Michigan, creating two new and independent districts.
District Superintendents
N. J. Bibbs
Robert McFarland
James Simison
Paul Mooney
Robert Stroup
Sunday School Directors

Elmer Jenkins

Raymond Parnell 

Robert Hackler

Ron Humphrey

Mark Johnson

Adam Faulkner

Youth presidents

J. Hugh Rose

Robert Henson

Robert Stroup

David Hudson 

Robert Russell

Mark Abernathy

Norm Chaudion

Phil Jordan

Greg Bowman

Josh Anderson

Chris Barber

Ladies Ministries Presidents

Sis Petty, 

Kathryn Jenkins

Dora Simison 

Grace Jones

Jane Hackler 

Wanda Fielder

Jane Cottrill

Adena Pedigo

Global Missions Directors

John Barley

Mark Cottrill

Tim Pedigo

Greg Bowman

North American Missions Directors 

Hugh Goble

Roger Feiler

Roger White

Terry Long

Marty Bales

Jonathan Barley