Ladies Ministries Fundraising Ideas
Make a true Memorial Offering honoring your mother! We ALL have a mother and if everyone in your congregation would give, WOW what an amazing offering we could raise!
  • Give an offering in the amount of her birthdate. If she was born on the 15th you will give a $15.00 offering.
  • Kids love mini M&M’s? Go ahead and treat them. Save the container — quarters fit perfectly! Fill them up and turn in for your Mothers Memorial offering.
  • Everyone loves balloons!  On your birthday, or your mothers birthday or even your childs birthday sell a balloon in your favorite color and turn the money in for your Mothers Memorial offering.
  • Flea Market – Sell booth space and let them do the work….you made the money and they did the work.
  • Braided Bread!  Yummy
  • Pumpkin Rolls
  • Large cookie(pizza pan size) decorated
  • Purse Auction
  • Pics of Prince & Princess – 2 wks – Pics placed on can and put outside of church to collect money…great for outside money!
  • Cake Decorating Contest – then auction them off!
  • .25 per year for offering – 10 yrs old, 10 quarters
  • Power Point Presentation – (set an amount for picture space) Mothers picture given for presentation
  • Gift wrapping booth at the mall at Christmas
  • Peanut Butter Easter Eggs decorated