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We look forward to serving you and hope that you will partner with the evangelists of the United Pentecostal Church as we, “take the whole Gospel to the whole world by the whole Church.”
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Starting to Evangelize?

Get started connecting with the Evangelist Department of the UPCI by filling out the enrollment form. Go to www.evangelist.faith for more information on the weekly conference call, special meetings, and benefits available to the UPCI Evangelists.

Evangelist Ministries UPCI

The Evangelist Ministries of the UPCI seeks to preach the gospel and effectively minister by partnering with pastors worldwide to gather vision, faith, and harvest, saving the lost, and edifying the church. Visit the National UPCI Evangelist website.
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Evangelist Directory

bruce jami borlik evangelist upci indiana districtBruce Borlik*

gentry jordan evangelist upci indiana district frankfortGentry Jordan*
Kent Sandine*
*UPCI Enrolled Evangelist
Pentecost Sunday
The Evangelist Ministries of the United Pentecostal Church International has prepared resources for local churches to use in their planning, preparation, and promotion of Pentecost Sunday. We are believing for a mighty outpouring! 
Indiana District UPCI Evangelist

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