Future Camp Projects And Possibilities

 There are several projects we would love to see on the campground in the future. Here is a couple that we think are reachable in the next few years.
*Photos are representative and do not necessarily represent final projects.

Kitchen Remodel Project

This spring someone donated a variety of commercial kitchen appliances that we are in need of installing at the campground. We have a cooler that needs to be replaced with an expanded unit that was included in the donations. If you know of anyone who has the skills and the time to help us with this project, please contact Donny Bault at (317) 523-2300.

The Minister’s Fellowship Hall Kitchen Remodel

We have some commercial kitchen equipment that has been donated and we would like to redo the kitchen to accommodate this new equipment and to better use the space in the future. We will move the kitchen to the wall next to the ball fields, and redesign the space to accommodate the new equipment. The roof will be replaced yet this spring, and repairs made to the drywall. Please contact Terry Long if you are interested in participating in this project.  

District Office & Class Space

As the district has expanded and this has created a need for an expansion of our office facilities to accommodate a larger board room, Camp Office, meeting/training rooms, possible guest accommodations, and long-term storage space for files and records. Size and scope are yet to be determined. If you are interested in leading or participating in this project, please let us know. 

Girls & Shared Dorm Project

Our next project will be a sharable dorm space, similar to dorm 7-8, but an improved version. We want to create a space that can be used for four seasons. It will be well insulated and heat and cooled. The sides wold be closed so that you could not enter from one dorm to the next. This would enable us to house 64 girls during the camp season, and host youth events with 32 people on each side. A church could bring a youth group of 32 boys and 32 girls and do a fall outing at the campground. You could have fire pits, and fellowship games, and leadership training. A couple of smaller churches could combine to bring a sense of unity and camaraderie to their churches for a small investment in rental fees.  We estimate the cost projected to be $200,000.00.  

Pavilion in the Park

We want to put up a public pavilion near the second playground in the campers area or at the back of the campground near the RV park. Size and scope are yet to be determined. If you are interested in leading or participating in this project, please let us know. 

Indiana District Chapel/Historical Facility

We have been asked to support the building of a chapel on the campground. It is possible that this facility may have outside participation in its construction. We are looking into putting in a historical center in this space as well. The history of Indiana’s Apostolic movement is important to the worldwide apostolic movement, and we want to capture the thoughts and ideas of some of our living participants for posterities sake. We would like to film some of our Older ministers and hear their stories. We need a team to help with this. If you want to lead this effort, please contact Mark Johnson.
    We have begun with a partnership with Ball State University, who is scanning and digitizing into a searchable format all the old Indiana Apostolic Trumpets, our district newsletter. We are requesting that if you have some old Trumpets that you ship them to Life Tabernacle, 1135 Middlebury St. Elkhart, IN 46516. They can be returned after scanning if you would prefer, or the university will include them in their archives for future research into the Apostolic movement. 

Update RV Park Shower/Restrooms & Add Laundromat

The Public restrooms near the RV park are in dire need of repair. We would also like to add a Laundromat area there as well for everyone one the campground. Exact size and scope are yet to be determined. If you are interested in leading or participating in this project, please let us know. 

New Ball Fields

In the field behind the RV park, we have looked at adding a couple of ball fields. We have not fully created the finished idea. We are still looking at usage and flexible ideas to accommodate a variety of groups using the future space. If you are interested in leading or participating in this project, please let us know. 
Contact Camp@inupci.org for more information or to volunteer!