Cabin And Lots Information


Cabins & Lots For Sale

Here is our current list of cabins that we know of that have been publicly offered for sale: Click Here

Cabin Owners Information and Forms

 Cabin Ownership Brochure
 Golf Cart Authorization Form
*Everyone using a golf cart while camp is in operation must have signed form in office every year.
Cabin Sale Paperwork, Instructions are below.
Purchase agreement form and the lease agreement from with instructions –Click Here

To buy or sell a Cabin or Lot

If you buy or sell a cabin on the campground, here are the steps necessary to proceed:

Procedures on selling or purchasing a cabin.

Cabins or Lots can be sold only with the written permission from the Indiana District. The contract and lease constitute said permission. Both must be signed by a district official before they go into effect.

  1. The sales contract must be signed by both the seller and the purchaser. Both must have a witness signature.
  2. The lease agreement is between the purchaser and the Indiana District, which is the owner of the campground. It must be signed and authorized by the district’s representative before the agreement can go into effect and you can utilize the cabin.
  3. The seller must include a letter from a UPCI pastor stating that you attend their church and are in good standing. (All cabin and lot owners must be members of a UPCI church.)
  4. After both documents are signed, please return to the campground.
    1. Indiana Conference And Training Center
      Attention: Caretaker
      1900 E. Broadway St
      Fortville, IN 46060
  5. Camp Caretaker will contact Camp Comptroller to see if assessments are owed and communicate that to purchaser or seller to ensure these are paid before the sale can proceed.
  6. The documents will be forwarded to the District Secretary, where he may present them to the District Board before passing on them. Board meetings are held 3-4 times a year, so it may take a bit before it is completed. He will sign and return the paperwork to the camp caretaker
  7. Camp Caretaker will file them in the Camp Office and notify via email all parties involved of the completion of the procedures and included the signed copies of all forms involved.

This completes the process, and the new owner can take possession of the cabin once all of this process has been completed.

Please remember, this is a summer camp only. Cabin areas are closed from Mid-October to about the first of April. There will be no water on during these times, except for designated areas for camp staff who maintain the camp area throughout the winter months. There are no exceptions to this rule. Our tax-exempt status could be put into jeopardy if we allow people to stay all year in the cabins or lots. Our agreement with the local government is that we are a summer camp, which allows for our special status outside normal neighborhood conventions and rules.