Camp Staff Information

 Here is where all the camp staff information and forms live. We are working to simplify our website and create Homes for like minded info that is more easily accessible. How to get to camp – Click Here

Housing While On Staff

We have a form to show all camp staff housing –Click Here

New to camp

Introduction to the campgrounds – Here is a YouTube video flyover of the camper spaces in the front of the campground – Youtube 

Communication as a staff member

We use a texted based system to communicate with the staff during a camp. Each camp uses its own text system to communicate, so you will only get information that is used during your camp. Please only join if you want lots of info.
To join text the correct phone number and join code to the camp you are interested in following.

Text the following to 812-558-3908:

8-9 Camp: Text @8-9camp
10-11 Camp: Text @10-11camp
12-14 Camp: Text @12-14camp
15-18 Camp: Text @15-18camp
Hyphen: Text @hyphen

Want to Volunteer?

There are often so many opportunities for people to get involved in moving the camps forward every summer. There is dorm staff, kitchen staff, maintenance staff, and each one will require volunteers. If you think you could bring energy and skill to help,
Click the link below to have pastors signature and upload to our online registration.

Nurse Action Reports

For any incident involving a staff member or camper, the nurse will fill out an incident report recording the details of sickness or injury. These forms are available here – Click dHere

Camp Staff Applications