Indiana Camp Leaders


Terry & Vickie Long

Camp Comptroller

Terry Long has served the camp in a wide variety of capacities. He is a pastor in Lawrence, IN. Having run several multi-million dollars a year companies, he is more than qualified to run the variety of operational needs of the campground. Vickie has worked as a nurse at IU Medical center and is a great asset to the camp as kitchen operations director.


Camp Secretary –

To get questions answered on registration, cancelations, or other camper related issues, contact the camp nurse here: Email

Camp Nurse

Vickie Vandeventer is the head nurse for all camps and coordinates with each nurse serving every camp. This is the way to contact nurses during camp and to contact the camp nurse ahead of camp for questions or information, please contact them here:

Don Bault


 Don Bault has worked as a caretaker at the campground for several years and has been instrumental in keeping the mechanical operations working effectively and economically. His many years of expertise in a manufacturing plant as a maintenance supervisor has been beneficial to the camp every year he has served the people who use the camp. 
c. 317-523-2300

Stacey & Virginia Odell


Stacey Odell specializes in the look and feel of the camp operations, having come from running his own very successful landscaping business for many years. Virginia, his spouse, has been instrumental in sprucing up the Loki and appeal to the camp all year long. She ensures the camp looks beautiful and not just functional. 
c. (765) 744-7067

Basic Camp Info

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Indiana Camp And Conference Center

1900 E. Broadway St., Fortville IN 46040


Camp Numbers

Campground: (317) 485-5532
Administrative Office: (317) 485-5053
Conquerors Hall: (317) 485-5984
Camp Caretaker: (317) 485-8000
District Secretaries Office: (574) 293-9332

Camp Cost

$200 ($210 for SS Camps, which includes shaving cream and logo cup) per week per registrant.
10 AM – Lice Inspection by Lice Slayers in Gym
(Only for all Children’s Campers)
Noon – Staff Checkin and Meeting
1 PM – Registration & Dorm Check in
2 PM – All Staff and Campers Orientation
4 PM – Dinner
6 PM – Childrens Evening Service
7 PM – Youth Evening Service
Tuesday – Thursday
8:30 AM – Rise & Shine
9:00 AM – Breakfast
10:00 AM – General Assembly
10:30 AM- Holy Ghost Rally
12:00 PM – Lunch
1:00 PM – Recreation
4:30 PM – Dinner
6:00 PM – Choir Practice
7:15 PM – Prayer (All staff and youth to attend)
7:30 PM – Evening Service
After Service…Late Night at Indiana Camp
The Same as Tuesday – Thursday Except: 4:30 PM – Dinner
4:45 PM – Shower
5:45 PM – Choir Practice
7:00 PM – Evening Service
11:00 PM – Must be off of Campground

Hotels Around the Campground

Current Event Calendar