Basic Campground Policy

These Basic Campground Policies are published to help make all persons aware of the guidelines, traditions and principles of Christian conduct that govern the activities which take place on the Campground. All individuals, campers, non-campers, visitors and personnel, are encouraged and expected to maintain standards of Christian conduct as set forth in the Articles of Faith and Position Papers of the United Pentecostal Church International and to adhere to these Christian principles in spirit and in deed while on the Campground or participating in Camp activities. Practices, which are known to be morally wrong by Biblical teaching, are not acceptable and will not be allowed on the Campground. Such practices include, but are not limited to, specific acts such as the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages, the possession or use of tobacco in any form, the possession or use of any drugs other than for medicinal purposes as prescribed by a physician, stealing, the use of slanderous or profane language, all forms of dishonesty including lying and cheating, occult practices, promoting or engaging in any immoral sins such as premarital sex, adultery, homosexual behavior, pornography, and the participation in gambling. In addition, attitudes and behaviors such as greed, jealously, pride, lust, bitterness, needless anger, an unforgiving spirit and harmful prejudice or harassment such as that based on race, sex, or socioeconomic status are not acceptable and will not be tolerated on the Campground at any time.

The Campground reserves the right to withdraw or terminate at any time the participation in Camp activities of any individual, including campers, non-campers, visitors and personnel, without cause or for any violation in spirit or in deed of these Basic Campground Policy, the principles contained herein or for failing to follow the instruction of camp personnel.


  • No unmarried individual under the age of twenty-one is allowed to stay in a cabin, trailer, or tent without adult supervision, and the adult must be at least twenty-one years of age.
  • Anyone under the age of eighteen must register as a camper, or be under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian; and guardianship other than a parent/grandparent must be documented with camp director.

Campers General:

  1. All Campers must have recommendations of the United Pentecostal Church pastor of their city (or nearest UPCI pastor) to attend. A camper from a non- UPCI church must have the signature of the nearest UPCI pastor.
  2. Camper must obey all rules as outlined by the Camp Director, and respect all lines of authority.


  1. All Campers shall be required to attend all class sessions, music practices, and evening services.
  2. No Camper will be granted permission to go back and forth from the Tabernacle after evening service begins. Each Camper must remain in the Tabernacle after the evangelistic service until permission is granted to leave.
  3. No loitering outside the Tabernacle during evening services.
  4. No Camper is permitted beyond the boundary established by the District Board. Campers must remain in central camp areas and may not travel to the cabin area except by special permission from the Dean or the Camp Director.
  5. Campers are not to stay in cottages without an adult counselor officially approved by the department in charge.
  6. Campers are not to visit or be present at any time in a cottage where members of the opposite sex are present, or reside. When a visitation shall exist, the Camper or Campers shall be dealt with by the Camp Director and may be banned from the Camp for whatever time period the Director shall determine. The respective pastors shall be notified of such actions.
  7. Campers shall not visit dorms of the opposite sex.
  8. No camper is allowed outside of sleeping areas after lights out.
  9. No one is permitted to remove any furniture from its proper place at any time.
  10. Campers shall respect all Camp property, and they or their parents are responsible to pay the repair for any damage.
  11. Campers may not change dorms.
  12. Campers are required to eat their meals in the cafeteria at the approved time.


  1. Campers shall not engage in handholding, kissing, or any such activity.
  2. No taunting or ridicule of other campers is allowed.
  3. Acts of violence will not be tolerated, and shall be cause for dismissal.
  4. Smoking, drug use, drinking of alcohol, or any such activity, is not allowed.
  5. Vulgar language, profanity, and/or cursing are not allowed.
  6. No videos, worldly music, Christian rock music, radio, tapes, records, CD/MP or DVD players, mobile phones, or any device that can connect to Internet or mobile service will be permitted.
  7. Campers will keep their personal items in order.
  8. No littering or throwing of food.

Personal Appearance:

  1. Campers will abide by the dress guidelines set by the UPC Indiana District
  2. Girl Campers must have all dresses or skirts decent and below the knees. Splits in skirts or dresses must be below the bend of the knee. Dresses and blouses must have sleeves of at least ¼ length with a modest neckline. No Tight fitting clothes of any kind. Clothes must cover midriff area at all times. Shorts and slacks are not permitted on the Campground. We encourage girls’ not to cut or trim their hair and ask all Campers to respect this standard while on the campground. The use of lipstick, makeup, or jewelry is not permitted. Shirts or sweaters with suggestive writing or pictures are not allowed.
  3. Boy Campers must have decent haircuts before arriving on the Campground. Hair must be off the collar and the ears. No Tight fitting clothes of any kind. No shorts or tight-fitting or overly baggy trousers with holes or tears are permitted. Boys must wear shirts or sweaters (no plain under shirts). No shirt or sweater with suggestive writing or pictures is allowed. No jewelry is allowed.
  4. Campers will practice good hygiene

Rules for Non-Campers:

  1. During any scheduled District activity, all persons on the Campground are under the jurisdiction of Campground rules. This includes daytime, evening, and overnight guests.
  2. All persons on Campgrounds at any time (Camp week or non-Camp week) shall abide by the dress guidelines set by the UPC Indiana District.
  3. During camp week, all people on the grounds, including persons in cabins and the trailer park, are under the direction of the Camp Director, and shall cooperate fully with the Camp Director and all Camp rules.
  4. Non-campers are not allowed to be in the central Camp area during the day of Camp programs, except by permission of the Camp Director.
  5. No bicycles, skateboards, or motorized vehicles of any kind are to be operated in the central Camp area (blacktop) except staff carts, or other vehicles specifically approved by Camp Director.
  6. All Owners/Renters of Golf Carts shall sign and abide by the golf cart policy contained at the back of the camp handbook.
  7. No parking of golf carts in front of the cafeteria or the auditorium.