Allergies & Special Needs
Food Allergies

We want every child to experience Indiana camp and welcome all children. Due to the hurried nature of the camp experience, food allergies must be handled as follows:

Parents of children with food allergies will be asked to remain on camp property the duration of the child’s camp experience. We request the provide and prepare food for their allergic child. We can provide a camp menu so their child’s menu can resemble it as best their allergy allows. Thank you for your understanding. Indiana District Camp can not accept responsibility for food allergies.
Special Needs Children
We strive to be accommodating as is possible with all children, regardless of their individual needs. We have two nurses on staff now at each camp, one to serve as a medications nurse, and a second to respond to sickness and injury. With the rising need and use of medication to treat children, our staff has a great deal of responsibility caring for our basic populations. Children with special needs are welcome at camp with these exceptions.
We are unable to provide one-to-one care with our current staff. If your child needs special care, you or a family member is welcome to join the student at our camp facility to assist in their care. Depending on the circumstances, you are welcome to stay in the dorm with your student if you match the gender of the dorm. Otherwise, you may borrow or rent a cabin or bring a trailer to stay in and allow your child to participate as much as is possible with the activities of the camp. Please inform us of your needs and we will work with you to accommodate those needs as best we can to ensure your child has a great experience.