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Location: Calvary Tabernacle, Indianapolis, Indiana
 Registration Cost: $25/Per Lady
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2018 Ladies Conference BreakOut Sessions/Classes

SINGLES CLASSROOM:  Barbara Keller—Women in Ministry—Ages: 40 and younger (1st Hour Only)


SANCTUARY:  Adena Pedigo—Ages: Parents and Older  (1st Hour Only)

“Crowded Air & Technology Snares”

Today, more than ever, the air is full of voices pulling in all directions for our time, or minds, and our hearts. It is difficult enough for adults to stay on track and focused on the message of Philippians 4:8, “…think on these things.” Today, through the wonderful advancements in technology, “good things” and “BAD THINGS” are the fingertips of everyone…even the children. How do we preserve innocence, protect the hearts and minds of our children from all of the BAD things that WILL come looking for them through technology?


SANCTUARY:  Lois Mitchell (Guest Speaker)  (2nd Hour Only)

PRAYER ROOM NORTH:  Nancy Arrowood—Ages: 60 and older  (1st Hour Only)

“Walking in Wisdom”

Life comes to all of us in stages. We tend to see others as compared to the particular place we are in today. However, through time, life, and the experiences we have gained a wealth of wisdom and

Knowledge that should be shared with the generations following us. We are situated to impact the kingdom of God in a very unique way.


PRAYER ROOM SOUTH:  Liz Johnson—Hyphen Ages (2nd Hour Only)

“Building a Strong Foundation in a Millennial Generation”

Every generation faces new and challenging moments. The Millennials are being bombarded with the philosophies of get in, grab, get mine, while carrying no worries or feeling of responsibility for the next generation. Our challenge is to combat these philosophies by helping them see the need for a strong Biblically based foundation for their lives and their family’s future in a world they will soon have none.


CLASSROOM ONE:  Annette Jordan—All Ages (1st & 2nd Hours)

“Legacy of Prayer”

We all understand the need for prayer. But, has prayer taken a backseat to hat this generation see as more pressing needs. Is this possible? In a world that responds best to what it sees rather than what it hears, we must example the importance of prayer in our daily lives and in the lives of our churches. We must instill a legacy of faithfulness in prayer to the next generation that will sustain them.


CLASSROOM TWO:  Miranda Williams—All Ages (1st & 2nd Hours)


Luke 12:42 “And the Lord said, Who then is that faithful and wise steward, whom his lord shall make ruler over his household, to give them their portion of meat in due season?” Tips on learning to be a good steward concerning our time, families, finances and our relationship with God.


CLASSROOM THREE:  Llynn Enmen—All Ages (1st & 2nd Hours)

“Not by Accident”

How often we through the routines of our lives making plans, coming to decisions, and attempting to weave together what we would consider a beautiful life. All the while, we leave God either on the outside of the process or at least on the fringe. Regardless of our plans and schemes, God is always present and, more often than not, He is the true designer and architect of our lives. We are not an accident. We are “fearfully and wonderfully made…marvelous are his works” in our lives.


SPANISH CHURCH:  Traci Jaco—All Ages  (1st & 2nd Hours)

“If Michal Would Have Danced”

Lessons form a tragic marriage. Relationships are a joint effort. Partner is defined as a person who shares with another in some action or endeavor. If Michal would have joined David in worshipping before the Lord, how would that have affected the outcome of their lives and marriage. Don’t allow the small things to grow into differences that can create bitterness that will ultimately destroy your marriage.


KIDZ CHURCH:  Jaye Rodenbush—All Ages  (1st & 2nd Hours)

“Guarding the Heart And Mind”

Strategies to help you and your family avoid endtime deception. The enemy is always looking for small ways to make a large impact in our lives and families. He will use whatever means necessary to break in and steal innocence, cloud our judgement, and send us down a detour that God never intended for our lives. Never before has guarding the heart been more essential.


CHAPEL:  Jane Cottrill—All Ages  (1st & 2nd Hours)

“Hand-Made With Love”

It is important that we learn to see ourselves as God sees us. He looks beyond our imperfections and views our great gift of potential. The shaping process in no way limits our access to His power and glory. Understanding who we already are in Christ; living each day empowered by our prayers and His presence, and asking what we will in His name will change everything about how we accept ourselves in the light of His love.